Voice of the People and My Voice My Future

have come together to create a sustainable initiative supporting

ongoing campaigns against the rape epidemic in Nigeria. We believe that sustained enlightenment, re-education, and monetary funding is the only way to truly combat this scourge.

UNICEF reported in 2015 that one in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria had experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. According to a survey by "Positive Action for Treatment Access", over 31.4 percent of girls said that their first sexual encounter had been rape or sexual harassment. In 2020 alone 100 women (On record) had been subjected to sexual/gender-based violence. 


With numbers like these, one would expect that lawmakers would be scrambling to make efforts to stop these criminals but Nigeria has only had 65 convictions between 1973 and 2019, a shame. We urge the Nigerian government to proffer solutions that will safeguard girls and women, and enforce laws to deter the perpetrators of these crimes.

This fight is not only against rapists but also the culture in our society that enables it, a lack of respect for women in particular and the selfish power plays that many Nigerians enjoy. This must STOP now, we must teach our society that rape is a heinous act, we must raise the next-generation on morals that stress the importance of consent, respect of bodily autonomy, and unlearning the stigma of shame attached to the issue.

In light of this, Voice Of The  People and My Voice My Future have collaborated to create a line of “Call to Action Shirts” to support the cause and change narrative each message at a time.  Every day someone in Nigeria somewhere is being abused, so it is a cause that must be seen and heard every day. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hear this plight and if you are moved to, click on the links below to support in various ways.


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