"We Live in The World Our Questions Create"


As human beings,one of our most effective forms of communication is storytelling. We use stories to make sense of our experience and to imbue it with meaning. Our self narratives define our sense of identity and script our actions. Because we are constituted by narrative, we can be moved by the stories told to us by others. That is why leaders who call a community to action seek to engross it in a story in which tragedy and triumph hang in the balance, in which taking part in the collective action becomes a moral imperative rather than a matter of calculated self-interest. 

Voice of the people is a platform designed to create a direct line of communication between the average Nigerian and those influencing the country. It is intended to be informative as well as expressive; while it is very informative for the casual viewer, we also aim to express the humanity behind these issues and stories.


Our goal at VOP is to tell stories that inspire change, either through inspiration or providing new information. While Voice of the People is a youth-oriented platform primarily based on social media, we have found that our content appeals to people of all ages due to a common interest in matters concerning our country.


  1.  My Nigerian Dream Campaign - A social media campaign raising awareness on voter registration so we can realize our individual dreams for the country

  2. Who's in Office- A social media campaign informing Nigerians of whom the relevant political office holders in their areas are for increased accountability

  3. Iftar in the Projects- A charitable outreach to provide fast-breaking (iftar) meals to IDPs observing the holy month of Ramadan

  4. The Talk- An interview program focusing on earnest conversations with Nigeria's current and past leaders, most notably former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. 

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